I always make it a habit to take a look at what the Old Farmer's Almanac is predicting for the month ahead before it begins. I sat down this afternoon to take a peek at what October holds for the Northland and what I saw was a little jarring!

SNOW! That's right - according to the Almanac, we may be seeing our first snow by the end of the month.

This isn't exactly a huge shock. We are the Northland, after all. Don't fret just yet though. It seems we may still have some sunshine coming our way first.

From the 1st day of the month to the 4th, we will be rainy but warm.

Beginning October 5th through the 11th, expect showers followed by sunshine and cool temperatures.

From the 12th through the 18th of the month, sunshine returns with warm conditions.

October 19th to the 25th, temperatures will turn cool with showers.

From the 26th to the 31st, expect our first snowfall of the season with cool temperatures.

This probably makes you really sad BUT don't worry - we will be 3 degrees above average for the month.

In terms of precipitation, that will fall about half an inch below average.

In case you aren't familiar with the OFA, it is a long range weather forecast that predicts patterns that aren't city-specific. For example, the Almanac looks at and forecasts for different regions. Most of Minnesota and Wisconsin fall under the upper midwest region.

October is the best month of the year (hello, Halloween!) so even if we do get our first round of snow, it won't bring me down.

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