Monday morning I woke up to MORE snow building up on top of the piles of snow already on the ground. What gives?

Okay, I know this is Minnesota but I still feel like we've had more snow this year than last year for sure. I talked to WDIO Meteorologist Taylor Dayton on the show and asked him if this was my imagination or if there was any truth to this.

It turns out my mind is not playing tricks on me. He says that we have indeed seen more snow up to this point this year than the same time frame last year. Ugh!

It appears not only have we seen more snow than last but we are also above average in terms of snowfall for this time of year. It doesn't seem like there's any hope to drying out any time soon so we might as well get used to it! (If the Old Farmer's Almanac is right with their February predictions, we definitely have more snow in the forecast.)

Now is as good of time as ever to brush up on the winter driving rules of the road.

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