Last week, the Cloquet Police Department shared some seemingly disturbing news: a box of puppies was found abandoned in the freezing cold in a park in Scanlon.

A group of good Samaritans found the puppies and took them in. At the time that the puppies were found, the CPD said they were looking for information on the crime and those who had any were to call 911.

Now, they are offering an update on the situation.

According to a press release put out by the Department, the animals were not actually abandoned. They report that some juveniles "had purchased or received the puppies and thought by telling a parent(s) they found the puppies would increase the chance of them keeping the animals."

When the juveniles were unsuccessful, the availability of the dogs made its way around social media. All of this happened BEFORE the Cloquet Police Department was notified.

CPD says that, due to this new information, they don't believe the dogs were ever abandoned or left outside in the cold.

CPD also says that the dogs are currently with the "reporter" of the incident who agreed to take in the animals before the department got involved.

No other information was given regarding the identity of the juveniles or who has the animals now.

Overall, this is a HUGE relief. I was devastated with the news that a box of puppies was left outside and I am glad that this was not the case.

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