Who would do this? This is awful.

A box of puppies was found abandoned in Scanlon this week. They were found at the area's Sather Park in 14 degree weather.

The Cloquet Police Department shared a post on Facebook late Wednesday night sharing the scary news. According to their message, a group of good samaritans found the puppies and took them in.

Since their rescue, the pups have been taken to the vet and treated for low body temperature. The puppies are in the hands of their rescuers until further notice.

See a photo of the pups below:

The Cloquet Police Department says they have no suspects at this time. They also mention that "this type of animal cruelty is hard to comprehend but a sad reality we see."

They also note that these puppies would have likely died if they weren't rescued when they were.

You are asked to call 9-1-1 if you have any information about the crime.

This is absolutely devastating and so unnecessary. There are a bunch of organizations and families that would happily take in an animal. It breaks my heart that this happened and I hope whoever did it is brought to justice.

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