Curtis Haas is a huge Brett Favre and Green Bay Packers fan.  He's also been battling cancer since this last March. Yesterday, he got a surprise video message from Brett Favre on Facebook wishing him the best and appreciating him being a fan.


That's pretty awesome that Favre took the time out of his day to bring some joy to not only Curtis, but also his family who appreciates the gesture.

Mr. Haas is described as an incredibly strong man by his family. The outpouring of love for him is easy to see if you look at any of his family member's Facebook walls. What began as going to the doctor for pneumonia, it eventually was revealed that he has prostate cancer that has spread. Now, the cancer has spread to his spine and has left him paralyzed, requiring 24 hour care.

We wish you the best Curtis, and you are in our thoughts and prayers. If anyone would like to donate to help out the Haas family, you can visit his gofundme page below.


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