Cathy and I visited Brenda Sederberg's 3rd grade class yesterday to deliver another $400 Service Learning check from Maurice's.  Her class is doing a service learning project where they are tackling a problem within their school. Their modern playground's ground is made up of little rubber pieces that are great for preventing injury, but often gets tracked into the school.  It causes a problem jor janitors who have these rubber bits clog up their vacuums.   The pieces also get stuck in kids pockets and shoes and get tracked all over the school and sometimes even to the student's home.

The third graders will come up with a solution for the problem by forming committees and brainstorming.  Then they will introduce the plan to the Principal who will either approve the plan, or "veto" just like the legislative process.

If you are interested in a service learning award for your class or project, you can apply here!


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