At the Northland Wellness Community Day this year, Blue Cross Blue Shield of MN had a very interesting booth. They used the energy of guests to generate power for their smoothie machine to provide healthy samples.

Recently I had the pleasure of emceeing at the Northland Wellness Community Day and the area where I was making the announcements from was right next to one of the sponsors of the Family Fun & Fitness Center, BC/BS of MN. One of the gentleman at the booth came over with a delicious orange smoothie for me to taste and said we’re making them over here for people to sample. So, I tasted it and announced where their booth was. I thought that was the end of that until I looked over and saw how they were making them.

They were using guests at the event to make the smoothies by peddling a stationary bike. What a cool concept and a great way to include a hands on approach at their booth, it was a hit with young and old alike!

Their booth was about "Being the Best You" you can be and gave helpful information on how to get started.  It starts with your decision to make the right choices every day on what you eat and how you incorporate exercise in your life, all with a healthy attitude.  The pamphlets they distributed gave tips on how to achieve this and suggested that you develope a relationship with your Doctor, not only for when your ill, but for preventative reasons too.



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