The St. Louis River Experience gives free boating and nature experiences to many groups of people.  Seniors, veterans, people with special needs and youth.  They are a non-profit organization that makes these experiences free of charge.  The season is about to start and they are looking for volunteers to help make this possible.

During the St. Louis River Experience, guests learn about the river, nature and the future of the river.  Volunteers are vital to making sure the program is beneficial.  You'd be fully trained in order to volunteer.  You'll learn greeting, loading and unloading and narration of the St. Louis River, the shoreline, nature and it's habitat.  How cool would that be?

The St. Louis River Experience will take to the water next month and will be docked at Spirit Lake Marina in Riverside.  Their plan is to schedule outings Monday through Friday all summer and into September, each taking about 2 hours.

Dive in (pun intended) to a volunteer job you'll love and be loved for your time and dedication to seniors, veterans, those with special needs and kids.

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