Well, this is pretty cool!

A new study says that the healthiest city in America is Rochester, Minnesota.

247WallSt.com has issued a special report, ranking the healthiest metropolitan areas across the country.

The study looked at things like access to health care, obesity rates and premature death rates, just to name a few factors.

As it turns out, Rochester is doing pretty darn well across all areas! The site noted the low premature death and uninsured rates. They also stated that more Rochester residents get flu shots compared to the national average and the percentage of people there who get their necessary medical exams is also well above the national average.

The average Rochester household also makes more than the national average, which means they can afford a healthier lifestyle and diet options.

Way to go, Rochester! I am sure the Mayo Clinic being located there also has a little something to do with it, although this is not mentioned in the study results.

As if that wasn't great enough, Rochester is also the best place in the country for older Americans. Way to make Minnesota look good!

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