I started watching Grey's Anatomy earlier this year and to be honest, I am disappointed with myself that I was so late to the party. The good news is I am at the party now.

I am currently at the beginning of season 9. Everyone is still reeling from the death of Mark Sloan and coping with the aftermath of that plane crash. On top of that all, Yang is separated from her fellow surgeon husband and getting her bearings some place new - Minnesota!

That's right - the fan favorite heads to Rochester to complete her fellowship at Mayo Clinic.

This is pretty fun, as the show is usually set in Seattle. For the short time she's been in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, there have been a few Minnesota references. For example, in the first episode of the season, she is ordered to take a day off to see the lakes and ride a coaster at Mall Of America. (Sadly, she didn't actually go to MOA but she did make up a really convincing story about it and that was enough for us. You can watch the scene below.)

Things really ramp up in episode 5 where writers truly let us know what they think of us Minnesotans!

First of all, Dr. Yang tells her best friend Meredith that she's "neighborly" now as she says hi to people in her apartment building as she talks on the phone. This is definitely alluding to us being 'Minnesota nice' and I can't say I don't do the same thing.

She then goes outside to see her car COMPLETELY covered in snow. This seems a little dramatic but I also can't say this hasn't happened to me.

While she is waiting for her colleague to come pick her up, you can see Rochester signs in the background.

And who could forget the constant references to it being freezing cold? Yang is never seen without a giant fur-lined jacket. This seems to be a little bit over the top to me! We aren't always cold, after all.

I definitely got a good laugh out of all of these references and am excited to see what other Minnesota-isms they throw our way for the rest of Yang's time there.

No spoilers, please!

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