It seems like summer is in the rearview mirror already. While this isn't entirely true, it's not here for much longer in true Twin Ports fashion.

Last month, the Old Farmer's Almanac was forecasting a pretty typical summer month with periods of sunshine and periods of warmth. I feel like we got a pretty good mix of both, including some very hot days.

However, as we inched towards the end of the month, it was obvious we were all getting a bit sad thinking summer would be over soon. Summers are short lived in the Twin Ports and while we don't see snow in August (usually), it is typically where things cool off a bit and we start the transition into fall.

If you're like me, you're wondering just how fall-like things are going to get in the new month ahead. I love fall but I definitely want to hang on to summer as much as possible. Let's begin with the first week of the month, shall we?

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The good news is that it looks like summer won't be cooling off for the first week of the month. I reached out to WDIO Meteorologist Brandon Weathers late last month to see if summer was going to be over by the time August rolled around.

Thankfully, he shared that we would see above-average temperatures throughout the first week of August. This was a nice relief!

What about the rest of the month for our region? I turned to the Old Farmer's Almanac to start to see what they are forecasting. You have to take what they forecast with a grain of salt but I personally like to check out their forecast just for fun.

Overall, the Old Farmer's Almanac is predicting a very wet month ahead, with showers and storms likely from the first day of August through the very last. They are forecasting everything from scattered storms to severe weather at times.

In fact, they are forecasting an incredibly gloomy month ahead with no periods of sunshine forecasted as of now. Wow! They are also predicting just a few warm days in the middle of the month.

The good news is they are predicting a few inches above normal when it comes to precipitation, which will help drought conditions. The bad news is that we will fall a few degrees below our average temperature for the month. Sigh.

Don't let this stress you out just yet, though. The National Weather Service of Duluth recently shared a fun infographic that shows temperatures remaining pretty steady throughout the month ahead.

They shared it near the end of July, writing that things would remain pretty much the same for the first week or so into August. While things will cool off a bit into September, it looks like it will be gradual.

It looks like winter is still a ways off - for now. It was just a few short months ago that we saw near-freezing temperatures and they will be back before we know it.

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