It is finally feeling like summer in the Twin Ports, or at least it was. The last few weeks has brought some hot temperatures to the Duluth area, with cooler temperatures this week to round out the month.

When looking at the Old Farmer's Almanac at the start of the month, they were forecasting a warm and rainy month. We have seen periods of heat and periods of rain so it looks like they were on point so far.

One thing they were spot on with? They shared that our region would cool off near the end of the month. This is one thing they got right, as I mentioned, we are looking at cooler temperatures to end the month.

This got me thinking - is this the end of hot summer temperatures? We all know summer is short lived in the Duluth area and the Northland as a whole. I was curious if this cooldown meant summer heat was a thing of the past until next year.

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I reached out to WDIO Meteorologist Brandon Weatherz to see if this was the case. If you are holding your breath right now, you can breathe a sigh of relief. He says summer isn't over just yet.

He told me that we are actually looking at a warm start to August, which will bring a nice heat wave type of feel compared to our cooler last week of July. He summed it up perfectly via email to me, writing:

Essentially, the chill in the air we’ve felt lately may have you thinking summer is over, but that isn’t the case!

He also shared a similar sentiment on his Twitter account Monday (July 25th), sharing that we will start to warm up closer to the end of the month followed by warmer-than-average temperatures to kick off August!

I am all for a warm up after a cooler week. However, I will say that some milder temperatures are welcome this week after some very hot days last week. No matter what the temperature is outside, we all know we have to soak up every second of summer that we can. Winter will be here before we know it.

It was just a few short months ago we were all wondering if ice out would happen on lakes in our neck of the woods for fishing opener! Things change quickly in the Northland but thankfully we are all used to it.

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