You may have heard that the YMCA of the USA recently announced an effort to get parents out to vote on November 8th.  Honestly, voting has been on the decline for the last few years and with the controversy of this election, additional incentive to get people to the polls is probably needed.  However, not all locations are offering the service.  I called our local YMCA's to see if they were participating and here is what I was told.

It can definitely be a challenge to take your children to the polls with you especially if you have more than one.  If you can't find a babysitter where can you turn to?  I wouldn't have thought of the YMCA.   They know the importance of getting people to the polls and SOME of their locations across the United States are offering free child care.  I wanted to make sure you knew what our local YMCA's were offering before you planned on dropping them off.  I called both the Duluth YMCA and the Superior YMCA and this is what I was told.

Duluth YMCA:

The gal at the Duluth YMCA was uncertain and asked me to hold while she checked with someone.  She said that they are not offering free child care on the evening of the elections, November 8, however parents could consider dropping their children off for their $5 kids club for a total of two-hours.  I asked if you need to be a member to take advantage of this and she said no.  I would suggest doing this, voting and then taking some me time or starting a little early holiday shopping.

Superior YMCA:

The gentleman that answered the phone at the Superior YMCA location said he hadn't heard if they were offering child care on election evening.  They are apparently still trying to address that question and make decisions.  You may want to try calling them a bit closer to November 8 to see if a decision has been made.

Our local YMCA's are such a great place for families to learn to be active and healthy and make memories.  You can learn life long skills like swimming, I participated in a super fun volleyball league in both Duluth and Superior and each location offers programs that your children will benefit from.  Check out the links to the Y that's closest to your home above.