National School Breakfast Week Happens March 2-6
More than 14 million children start their weekdays off with a hot, well-rounded breakfast served in their school cafeteria. Since its start in the early 1970's, and through all of the years of slow but steady growth, school breakfast programs have come to provide the same sort of nutritional r…
Has Your Child Ever Experienced Night Terror?
My daughter is 23 and as far as I know, she never experienced night terror.  Like most children, she had her share of bad dreams now and then, but nothing that caused us concern.  A Facebook friend, Anna brought night terror to my attention because she is asking if others have experienced …
Hear The Amazing African Children's Choir In Superior
One thing that always sparks a smile is children and when those children are entertaining with amazing voices it's even better.  Get ready to smile because a group of children will be traveling to Superior for a special concert designed to help Africa's most vulnerable children.

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