Like all of us across the country, we watched in horror at the news of the tragedy with the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde Texas this week. Minnesota cornerback Kris Boyd had just finished practice and stood in the lobby of his apartment building watching the news. According to Boyd said:  "I saw something on Twitter that said they had to identify these kids by their backpacks. I was devastated. I cried."

Boyd grew up in Gilmer Texas which is about 7 hours away from Uvalde and played football at the University of Texas which is about three hours from Uvalde. Boyd said that he wondered what if this happened in East Texas where he has younger siblings and cousins who are in school? He thought to himself what can I do to help?

Boyd decided to start a GoFundMe Page making a personal donation to get it started and Vikings cornerback Cam Dantzler also donated $500. As of today, he has raised over $26,000. Boyd said to " It's a comfort for me, knowing I have my brothers with me – and my head coach, as well. This feels like a family … I'd do anything for them outside of football – because it's bigger than that."

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Boyd is hugging his infant daughter even tighter these days as he hopes to raise her in a world where she can be safe and secure in school.

It is good to see someone like Kris Boyd decide to take things into his own hands to do what he can to help and given his status as a professional athlete, he can raise a lot of money and awareness of this tragedy. For more on this story visit

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