Duluth and Superior are both known for many things, including their many historic landmarks and sights to see.

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With the deep history of the area comes many urban legends about popular places in the Twin Ports. (Have you heard about the ghost that supposedly haunts the Duluth International Airport?) There are stories for so many of the places we frequent.

Some places are downright haunted, if you believe in that kind of thing. Famous television shows come to places like the Nopeming Sanatorium to try to talk to ghostly spirits. These take the urban legends up a notch.

Then there are places that aren't haunted - or don't have a reputation for being haunted - but look the part! They just give off that eerie vibe when the sun starts to go down.

Here are twelve of those places in the Twin Ports that aren't haunted but look like they are. Ha!

12 Places In The Twin Ports That Aren't Haunted But Look Like It

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