A lot of people were griping today in the office about the 27 degree temperature drop yesterday here in the Twin Ports.  Someone asked, "How can this happen in summer?" Another quickly corrected him that summer doesn't start technically until June 20th this year.   That's the first day of summer on the Calendar.

I think everyone can agree that it seems pretty late to call the start of summer 3 weeks into June.  So when does summer actually start for you?  Depending on where you live, it can be even later.

Take for example living near the lake.  There are days well into June and July where we can struggle to get about 50 degrees with that lake wind.   I've always said that living near the lake, Summer doesn't start until i have to turn the air conditioning on.  And that usually is mid June.

So when does summer start for you?  Comment below!

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