It is no secret - it is cold. Of course, we are used to it here but many areas around the country are getting quite the shock. Florida is seeing snow while parts of the South are getting hit with a deep freeze.

Weather has been a huge story since last month, most notably Christmas, when temperatures were the coldest they'd been in years.

Our biggest concern now is what meteorologists are referring to as a "bomb cyclone" - a phrase I had never heard until yesterday. One is expected to slam the East Coast.

The phrase itself is scary. Anything with "bomb" or "cyclone" is enough to send anyone into a panic. I set off to find out what this unusual phrase meant.

It turns out, the situation is not as dire as it seems. The "bomb" refers to a fast drop in air pressure and how quickly the storm develops. Forecasters call it an "explosive deepening of pressure" hence its name. A "cyclone" is a large scale air mass, a much more well-known term.

Watch the video above for a quick explanation of the headline-making weather phenomenon and stay warm!

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