We had planned to go to the movies and see 'Onward." Well that all changed with COVID-19. Fortunately a lot of these movies are coming out with video on demand at home. We splurged and bought Onward on Amazon Prime for $19.99 (there was no rent option). I mean, we're really not spending any money going out anywhere else?

'Onward' is Disney/Pixar's latest film which is a fresh storyline. So many of Pixar's movies lately have been sequels or spinoffs, so it is nice to see something new. It start Tom Holland as Ian, and Chris Pratt as his older brother Barley. It's set in a world where magic used to be used for everything, but technology has taken it's place.

The brothers are surprised with a gift from the dad who died many years ago. It's a spell where they can bring him back for one day. Unfortunately, the spell goes wrong and only their dad's legs show up. They end up going a quest to find the Phoenix gem so they can bring him completey back. Ian had never met his father, and Barley was very young when he passed.

I won't give you any spoilers, so don't worry. But I can tell you it was a lot better of a movie than I expected. The plot seemed ridiculous, but I'm telling you that it actually works. Chris Pratt is hilarious, and you can feel the chemistry between him and Holland. The movie is not predictable. I didn't see the ending coming, and I actually teared up at the end.

It's a great movie to let you escape this world for an hour and 45 minutes. Check it out if you can.

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