Easter is just a week and a half away, and we are already seeing some of our favorite Easter candy showing up.  (Well it's been out for a while now!) Peeps are always a big part of the holiday, and this year Oreo has teamed up with Peeps to bring you the new flavor.

It's of course a limited edition, and you can see on the package that there is purple peeps bunny and bird on the package.  Also unique with this themed Oreo flavor is a redesigned cookie part of the oreo.,  You can see they have a peeps bird on it as well.

The filling is purple Peep flavor, and it has a touch of the crunchy glitter in it as well.  I half expected this to be one of those flavors that are overpowering, but in this case it was actually pretty well balanced.   I'm not a fan of a lot of the new flavors Oreo tries, but this one is worth buying.

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