What do you do after winning a gold medal? You travel around the country on a media tour!

After taking a historic win over Sweden and snagging the gold in PyeongChang, the U.S. men's Olympic curling team has been everywhere. Everyone around the country is obsessed with them and we are no different here in the Northland.

The team - which is made up of John Shuster, Tyler George, Matthew Hamilton, Joseph Polo and John Landsteiner - stopped by 'The Tonight Show' as part of their whirlwind post-Olympic press tour. The visit was nothing short of hilarious.

The team was introduced by Jimmy Fallon but this was no normal introduction. The comedian whipped out a curling broom and "curled" them out in front of the studio audience. Amazing.

When that was all said and done, the five of them sat and chatted with the late-night host about many different things, from how the current team came to be to why they were dubbed the "rejects" a few years back. (Hint: one team member is accidentally responsible for the nickname. Oops.) He also asked the team to describe how the game works.

Fallon credited the fabulous five with being responsible for America's newfound love of curling. We can't deny that.

They saved the best moment for last, though. Team USA capped off their interview by performing a very familiar tune - "Don't Stop Believing." Apparently, Fallon had caught wind of them trying to sing the tune somewhere else and said they needed a chance at redemption. Along with The Roots and some harmonies courtesy of the funny guy, the team belted it out.

As Fallon said before their performance, they are really good curlers. Maybe they should stick to getting gold medals. (Just kidding! They are REALLY good at Twitter, though.)

Watch the full segment above. Their performance starts around the 5 minute mark.

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