It was a very exciting morning.  Starting at just after 5 AM our time, USA Men's Curling Team Shuster took on the favorite Canada in the semifinal round.  Canada has won Gold in the last 3 Olympics, while USA hasn't won a medal since 2006.

It was a very tight game that saw only the biggest points being scored as USA got 2 points in the 8th end.  Canada came back with a point in the 9th to make it 4-3.  Then Shuster wrapped it up with a solid throw in the 10th to secure the win.

USA is guaranteed now at least a Silver, which is a huge redemption for John Shuster after a disapointing Olympic performance in the last two Olympics.  This team is solid and show confidence.

They were off to a rocky start early in the Round Robin tournament, and at a point they were just trying to hang on.  Things changed and the team beat Canada for the first time ever to keep their playoffs alive, and then remarkably beat them again this morning to go on for the first ever gold medal round for USA Men's Curling.


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