The breeding season of a turkey vulture starts in March and continues into June. One local turkey vulture decided our garage looked alluring and ended up injuring itself to the point it couldn't fly.  We decided to get him help from a local wildlife rehab center.  Watch the hilarious and daring capture and transport here.We ended up naming him "Vinnie".  At first we were apprehensive and scared of him, after a while it became our quest to get him to Wild Woods rehab center, but how do we do that safely?  It was definitely creativity in action.  I was at work when this all went down, so my daughter is the videographer and narrator and you need to keep in mind she's a teenager, k?  That's my disclaimer :)


Wild Woods is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that fosters the welfare of wildlife and the world we share through compassion, care, and community involvement.


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