Prepping for Deer Opener
Every time you go out in the woods, you should prepare yourself and assume you could be spending the night out there.  You could get injured, lost, or you may find yourself in another less than ideal situation.  Here's things every deer hunter should carry with them.
Daring Yet Humorous Turkey Vulture Rescue Caught On Video
The breeding season of a turkey vulture starts in March and continues into June. One local turkey vulture decided our garage looked alluring and ended up injuring itself to the point it couldn't fly.  We decided to get him help from a local wildlife rehab center.  Watch the hilarious …
Cathy Kates' Daughter Is Being Stalked By A Bird
I'm not kidding!  She was over for Mother's Day and started to tell us of a crazy robin that is stalking her.  I immediately thought about when birds eat berries and get drunk, but we're too early in the season for that.  Wait till you read this, THEN, tell me what you …
Did We See A Sundog Near Scanlon Saturday Afternoon?
The picture doesn't do the phenomenon justice.  As we were driving southbound on I-35 to the Carlton VFW to volunteer at the monthly steak fry Saturday afternoon I saw this small rainbow-like light in the sky.  I said it was a sundog and my husband, Homie questioned me on what a sundo…

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