This is a pretty big deal! A Minnesota staple was just named one of the best places to travel in 2024. This list covered destinations across the globe, meaning this spot is so amazing it stood out among all of the others in the world.

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For some background, this list was crafted by an online travel guide website called Travel Lemming. They know their stuff, with a subscription base of ten million people. It looks like a lot of eyes are on Minnesota now.

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So which Minnesota spot was named one of the best to visit in 2024? Voyageurs National Park! It came in at number eleven on the list. It is also the only national park on the list, which makes things even greater.

The list is made up of fifty destinations across the world, narrowed down to craft a perfect list of places you should scratch your travel itch next year. The site looked for "hidden gems" and "emerging destinations" to come up with this list, put together by their thirty-five travel writers and editors.


So what makes Voyageurs National Park so amazing? If you've been there, you already know. If you haven't, Travel Lemming puts it perfectly in just a few sentences, writing:

Watercolor sunsets, starry night skies, and even the northern lights grace this remote destination on the Minnesota-Canada border. Paddle a 26-foot North Canoe or rent a houseboat to explore more than 500 forested islands.

When you put it that way, it makes sense that the park placed just outside the top ten! That is pretty impressive. Travel Lemming also offers a list of fun and unique things to do when you're there, like learning the history of the Voyageurs and the fur trade and hiking on some of their famous trails.

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They also listed some specific sites to visit within the park and encourage travelers to visit between June and September. Anyone else yearning to visit now? I have never been but it has been on my bucket list for awhile!

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