It's the Fuel Pump Module Driver and it's been causing headaches for many Ford owners. I had a friend warn me about this failing on his F-150 and his father's F-150 a couple of years ago.  I put it in the back of my mind and never replaced it.  Then yesterday out of the blue, it happened.  My truck started sputtering and eventually died.

I was able to get it to start again, and it actually ran normal long enough for me to get it to a code reader.  It told me it was the fuel pump module driver, so I went to the nearby parts store and picked one up for $105.  On the way home, my truck died and this time it was impossible to get it going again.   This is common on F-150's built in the 2000's.  I've also heard of it happening with Expeditions.

I lowered the spare tire and crawled under the truck.  I unplugged the old module and plugged the new one in and tucked it above the spare tire just so I could get home.  It worked, and I made it home and properly installed it.

Now, I'm making it my mission to warn fellow F-150 owners about this problem so it doesn't happen to them.  The problem is two fold from Ford.  First, the location they placed it gets a lot of road salt in Northern climates.  Second, the metals they used react to create corrosion anyway.  It's a time bomb waiting for failure.  Check yours and replace it!

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