Boo! I am all about spooky stuff and things that go bump in the night so this story definitely caught my attention.

A family in Michigan is sharing their story - and some creepy video - after having an unpleasant encounter with what they say is a ghost.

The whole thing was caught on their baby's nanny cam just a few weeks ago. The video footage shows a tall figure moving in front of the child's crib. It walks for a split second before disappearing in thin air.

What makes this story even more disturbing is why they decided to take a closer look at the camera footage in the first place: the couple had noticed several intense scratches on their daughter's neck and the mother claims she has woken up recently feeling like someone's hands were around hers. Coincidence or an angry ghost?

A news outlet in Detroit reports that paranormal investigators went to the home to try and answer some of the family's questions. The person who occupied the home before committed suicide.

The couple is saving up money so they can move.

What do you think - real or fake? I definitely think this is real. I love all things paranormal and certainly believe in ghosts, especially given the spooky history of the home.

Check out the video below:

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