Summer is a fun time throughout the Northland and I absolutely love it! However, there are two things I dread every summer, but I realize they are unavoidable. I'm speaking, of course, about mosquitoes and road construction.

At least we have resources that can help us manage those things, the bug repellent and our friends at the Minnesota Department Of Transportation (MnDOT), who do their best to let us know when travel will be impacted by road construction and other projects.

That is just what MnDOT did recently because they expect slowed travel for months to come on the often-traveled I-35 and motorists should be prepared.

MnDOT Warns Motorists About Travel On I-35 Through This Summer

As you plan your summer travels, the Minnesota Department of Transportation warns that you'll need to bring both caution and patience if you're route takes you down I-35.

Travelers on Interstate 35 between the Twin Cities and Duluth should expect traffic delays due to several construction projects this summer.

All drivers should expect to encounter single-lane, head-to-head traffic near Hinckley through October and just south of Highway 210 in Carlton County until the end of August.

Additionally, in the city of Duluth, intermittent lane closures are expected for bridge repair work at 40th Avenue West, Twin Ports Interchange work, and pavement repairs between Lake Avenue and 21st Avenue East.

Motorists should expect delays, especially during peak weekend travel hours. Delays could be significant when heading northbound on Friday afternoons and southbound on Sundays.

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Traveling during off-peak hours is recommended to avoid backups. Remember, you can check or the 511mn mobile app to see real-time traffic impacts, which can help motorists plan accordingly.

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Tips To Help Motorists Travel Through Work Zones

When traveling through the work zones, MnDOT encourages the following:

  • Use the Zipper Merge. Use both lanes until the merge point to reduce backups.
  • Drive undistracted. Avoid using cell phones, and mobile devices, adjusting the radio – and even eating –while in work zones.
  • Be patient. Expect delays, especially during peak travel times.
  • Move over. Give workers room to complete their work safely.

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