It's the time of the year when we get visits from creatures large and small. There are, of course, unwelcome visits from our friendly neighbor mosquitoes, and there are also surprise visits from creatures like bears, raccoons, skunks, and more.

Other creatures you could see this time of year are turtles, emerging from rivers, lakes, and wetlands to find a spot for their nests. I know of several occasions where I've witnessed this happening at my cabin in Wisconsin.

Turtle Nesting Season Is Here

According to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, turtle nesting season is happening now and it will continue through June. It's when the state's 11 turtle species lay eggs in shallow, buried nests. These nests are often in vulnerable places, such as residential yards and along roads.

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Since turtles are more active now, they face added threats from natural predators, the illegal pet trade, and drivers who may run over turtles on the road. In fact, the leading cause of turtle decline in Wisconsin is being killed by drivers on the road.

The DNR stresses that protecting adult female turtles and turtle nests is crucial for conserving Wisconsin turtle populations, so drivers are urged to be mindful when driving near swamps, lakes, and rivers.

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Other ways residents can help turtles from now through July include:

  • Protect nests: Follow instructions and a step-by-step video on how to build a nest cage that keeps predators out and allows hatchlings to exit on their own.
  • Drive cautiously: Slow down, be alert, and reduce distractions, especially on roads near wet areas, lakes, and rivers.
  • Share your sightings: Report turtle observations, road crossings, and nest sites using the DNR’s Reporting Form to help us manage and conserve turtles more effectively. You can also report suspicious illegal activity associated with turtles to the DNR’s Violation Hotline online or by calling or texting 800-847-9367.
  • Keep Wildlife Wild: Help protect Wisconsin’s native turtles by keeping wild turtles in the wild and not releasing pet turtles.

The DNR says support received from the Endangered Resources Fund makes conservation efforts for endangered and threatened species possible. Any donations to the fund are greatly appreciated.

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