Summer is coming, which means people across the United States will be booking flights, or loading up their vehicles to head out on road trips. I have found road trips a terrific way to see the country and sometimes the journey is almost as enjoyable as the destination.

However you get there, how do you decide your destination when there are a seemingly endless number of choices?  I've found it's always great to ask friends where they'd recommend, but there are more thorough ways to go about it, especially since everyone has budget considerations.

Take, for example, a recent survey to determine where the 'Best Summer Travel Destinations' are for 2024.

 Best Summer Travel Destinations Criteria

To determine the best destinations, the survey developed a ranking of the most affordable U.S. destinations that are also easy to reach.

The survey analyzed 100 of the largest metro areas across 41 key indicators including travel costs, local prices, attractions, activities available, weather, and overall safety. Their data set ranges from the cost of the cheapest flight to the number of attractions to the average price of a two-person meal.

It's important to note that while this survey did take into account the number of attractions and variety of activities in each destination, the primary focus was on the cost and convenience of traveling to each location as well as its affordability.

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The Best Summer Travel Destinations Included 2 Wisconsin Metro Areas

Wisconsin fared well overall in this study, with two areas providing many reasons to visit this summer.

#50 - The Milwaukee-Waukesha Metro Area

The highest-ranking area in Wisconsin was the Milwaukee-Waukesha Metro Area, which came in at #50, with a total score of 53.41.

Here is where the area ranked versus other destinations in key indicators:

  • Travel Costs & Hassles Rank: 14
  • Local Costs Rank: 43
  • Attractions Rank: 44
  • Weather Rank: 79
  • Activities Rank: 32
  • Safety Rank: 78

#54 - Madison Metro Area

Not too far behind was the Madison Metro Area, coming in at #54, with a total score of 52.67.

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Here is where the area ranked versus other destinations in key indicators:

  • Travel Costs & Hassles Rank: 49
  • Local Costs Rank: 51
  • Attractions Rank: 48
  • Weather Rank: 87
  • Activities Rank: 43
  • Safety Rank: 13

And The Winner Is...

If you want to visit the U.S. destination finished as the Best Summer Travel Destination for 2024, then pack your bags for Georgia. The Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Alpharetta Metro Area finished #1 with a total score of 66.77.

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Here is where the area ranked versus other destinations in key indicators:

  • Travel Costs & Hassles Rank: 7
  • Local Costs Rank: 38
  • Attractions Rank: 16
  • Weather Rank: 15
  • Activities Rank: 7
  • Safety Rank: 29

You can click the button below to view the complete survey details and see where all 100 areas ranked in the quest to find the Best Summer Travel Destinations for 2024.

Safe Travels!

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