When will the madness end? Just when you thought we were in the clear, creepy clown sightings have returned. This time to Plymouth, Minnesota.

It's true - according to swnewsmedia.com, several area residents have reported seeing a creepy clown.

The sightings were reported in mid-October. The sightings range from a parent seeing a clown near her kid's middle school running track to a few near County Road 6.

The sightings don't stop there. Several school employees say, according to the article, that a clown was spotted in the same middle school's parking lot during the time of a busy event.

A popular trail in Plymouth, also near the same middle school, is listed as being another spot where the clown was spotted. A resident also said they saw the clown carrying a rubber knife.

What gives? Ugh.

The website's Facebook page says police talked to a clown about the incident. No other details about the chat were given. The good news is that all of the sightings seemed to have happened over the course of a few days AND no clown has been spotted since then.

This isn't a new trend. You probably remember back in 2016 when creepy clowns were spotted everywhere - in towns and cities all across America for no other reason than to cause chaos and mass panic.

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