I hate clowns but I love pranks and this one is amazing.

Last year, the super popular 'IT' remake was released - in September of 2017, to be exact. With this release and the return of our beloved Pennywise the Clown, many people took it upon themselves to celebrate in a way only a true horror movie lover could.

Red balloons tied to sewer grates were popping up all over the country as an ode to a famous scene in the original movie. The pranks even made their way to us right here in the Northland!

Around this time last year, the Cloquet Police Department shared a funny post on their Facebook page of the prank. See it below:

If you haven't seen the original or the remake, you should! (I made Ken watch the original and he was a fan.)

I'd rather have this prank happen than see the return of the clown craze we saw in 2016. Maybe this will happen again before IT part two drops next year.