There are plenty of places to stay in Duluth and the surrounding areas but none of them have quite as much charm and charisma!

A new spot called Hotel Pikku recently set up shop in Lincoln Park. What makes it so unique? It's a boutique hotel with one-of-a-kind art and decoration.

Hotel Pikku offers a unique experience. There are three suites, each completely different, with a living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen area.

Customers will check in themselves and enter their room with a keypad, rather than your standard lock and key.

Perhaps the best part of the new boutique hotel is the surroundings! Hotel Pikku is located just a few feet from a bunch of amazing restaurants, including OMC Smokehouse and Corktown Deli & Brews. The new Love Creamery is also nearby. Swoon.

You truly have to see this space to believe it. One of the hotel's owners was nice enough to give us a tour and a little bit of background on how they got started. Take a look below!

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