Some people know I smoke, not many.  For many of you, it's probably a surprise.  It felt a little weird to admit it in print for the first time on B105's New Year's resolutions, but if I'm going to quit, I need to get the ball rolling.

Last year, I interviewed the 8 Northland Go Red for Women Challengers, they all did a fantastic job learning how to become heart healthy.  After 8 weeks, they were introduced at the Go Red for Women luncheon (that you're all invited too, by the way...more on that later).  Then, after I told them they were an inspiration and I admired their determination, I got in my car to go home, a lit a cigarette.  I remember thinking, "what a hypocrite"!  I vowed that I would ask to be a challenger the following year and go through the program to help others.  I KNOW there are many, women AND men, that want to quit, it's really just making up your mind to do it.  Sure, I'm afraid of failing, but with the support from my Go Red Sisters in the challenge, and you, my friends, I will succeed.  Want to make up your mind to join me?  No pressure, just a genuine invite to support each other.

Today is the kick-off for the Go Red For Women Challenge at 4:30, Super One in West Duluth.  I'll let you know how it goes, right now, I feel good about my decision, that's the first step....the decision.

Follow my blog through these 8 weeks, I'll be talking about how quitting smoking has affected my life and share knowledge on how you can be heart healthy too.  If you need to talk, have a question, or would like more information about how to become heart healthy through exercise, nutrition, stress management or quitting smoking, email me at

I am determined!



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