Here's another reason to get a four legged friend! A new study says having one is linked to a longer life.

The report was published in a medical journal and released Tuesday (October 8th). Researchers found that those who own a dog have a "24-percent reduced risk of death from any cause among the general public." It also found that heart attack survivors have a 33% lower risk of death if they have a dog over living on their own.

We all know dogs are loving and sweet but what other factors contribute to this amazing research? According to the report, the answer is simple. Dogs make you move! If you own a pet, you don't have the option to be sedentary. Dogs require owner's to take on physical tasks, like taking them on walks.

Another factor? Being social! Dogs require their owners to get out, whether it be to the dog park or the store. This helps fend off depression and doesn't allow owners to live in isolation.

Who doesn't want a sweet pup to love? This is all the more reason to get one!

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