We've all been on social media lately looking at spring photos and videos of things like birds and flowers.  Of course, those are from people who live far away from here!

Spring in the Northland, as we all know and have somewhat come to embrace, looks and feels a lot different than other places in the country.

Where someone else from a different part of the country may share spring photos of a beautiful flower blossoming in the radiant sunshine, we have grown accustomed to snow mold.

It's with that in mind that some of our DJ's, along with a few friendly DJ's from our sister stations, decided to make this video.

Things You'll Never Hear Someone In the Twin Ports Say In the Springtime is something you'll likely be able to relate to.

Enjoy, and feel free to add more "things" in the comments section as we await summer.  We hear that it's been scheduled for July 17 this year.

Things You'll Never Hear Someone In The Twin Ports Say In The Springtime

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