I grew up on County Road 3 in Wrenshall.  Technically I lived on what I called the border, because the kids on the other side of the street went to Carlton and I went to Wrenshall.  It was cool to have friends in both schools.  I was only about two miles from the Chub Lake Tree Farm, but wasn't there until after I had moved to Duluth.

I lived there when the Chub Lake Roads V'd, they've since revamped the roadways to make it safer.  In fact, my relative, Esther McFarland use to own the strawberry farm on one of the Chub Lake roads, did you ever go there and pick your own?  I was proud of my aunt and the fact that her hard work and dedication provided people with the opportunity for family fun together and yummy berries.

That's exactly what the Chub Lake Tree farm does for many local families and now you can include military families around the country.  This is the ninth year they have participated in Trees for Troops, representing Minnesota in the more than 17,000 trees that will be distributed to military families.

They understand that if someone in a family that is deployed was the one that took care of cutting down the tree, it may be difficult for that family to obtain a tree whether because of funds or ability.  Thank you to the Cloquet National Guard soldiers who helped to wrap the 100 donated trees that are going to be shipped to Fort Drum, New York.

Another cool aspect was the generosity of the community.  Families that happen to be there buying their tree heard of what the soldiers were doing and offered to pay for a tree to be included on the load.  Doesn't that warm your heart!

Thank you to the Chub Lake Tree farm, the Cloquet National Guard and community for their dedication to military families to ensure their holidays are complete with a tree this year.