Sometimes after Halloween there is just too much candy one household can or should consume.

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People of course bring it to work to share with coworkers who probably have too much too or bring it to share with clients.  But have you considered donating it?  There are various organizations like Soldiers' Angels who accept it for the troops and while there is no local to the Twin Ports drop-off location, you can mail it to them.

If you do have a bunch of extra Halloween candy and you want it to go to a good home locally, there are plenty of places who might just accept it.  Think of nursing homes, there are several around the Duluth and Superior area who may be willing to take a big Halloween candy haul off your hands.  Don't just show up with it though, make sure you call or email them first to confirm they will indeed accept it for the residents.

Consider donating leftover candy to homeless shelters or other organizations.  I have not heard back from Chum in Duluth at the time of writing this, but they do great outreach work and I'm pretty sure would appreciate some candy donations.

Think of our local heroes, like the Duluth and Superior Fire Departments.  While they might also have plenty of candy from the family, they might appreciate a smidgen more.  Likewise with the local police departments too, again though, probably make a quick call first and see if they can or will accept it for the crews.

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