Recently La Tequila Mexican Restaurant opened in Superior, WI.  They have another location in Minong, WI that I haven't tried but had heard good things from others.

As a last minute bike ride/dinner we decided to try out the new Superior location.  Upon arrival we were taken to be seated by the very polite hostess and asked to be at the bar.  The restaurant is small and so is the bar area, but we felt like eating there instead.

Photo Credit: Joe Danger

After being seated it was probably 5 minutes or so until we were given menus or asked if we wanted anything to drink.  We both ordered the house margarita on the rocks, the difference is I asked for extra limes and salt in it as well as on the rim.  The margarita was a smidgen too sweet for my taste, the extra salt and lime helped though.

Photo Credit: Joe Danger


After looking over the decent sized menu and stuffing ourselves with the chips and salsa they delivered, plus the cheese sauce my fat self had to have, I decided to order Enchiladas La Crema, one beef and one chorizo.  The food arrived in about 10 minutes or so and was heat hot like you would want.  The beans and rice on the side were bland and needed salt, the cheese on top of the enchiladas was perfect in all ways and the meat inside was decent.

Overall the food was okay.  Three 16oz margaritas and two entrees ran at about $52 before tip.  I need to go back to give it another go, but I'd probably skip the margarita unless I could get a hand poured one instead of the made in house in batches mix.  I don't know that there was even much alcohol in mine.  It's worth a try for the food though if you like Mexican.  They are located at 5802 Tower Avenue in Superior, WI.  Have you eaten there yet?  If so, what did you think?