Did you think it was actually spring in the Twin Ports? You probably learned your lesson by now, as we saw yet another round of snow over the weekend after summer-like temperatures hit the Northland last week. Now, more snow is on the way for our neck of the woods.

The National Weather Service of Duluth shared some unsettling news on Monday (April 17th), writing that another "messy" system is headed our way for the second half of the week. At the time of writing, the system is set to hit the Northland beginning Wednesday and continuing through Friday.

The biggest impacts from the storm, according to NWS Duluth, will be poor travel conditions and reduced visibility. In true spring fashion, we could be seeing everything from snow to freezing rain to rain / snow mix. We may even see just rain.

As always, it is too soon to tell exactly what we will be seeing when the second half of the week rolls around. Things can change on a dime in the Twin Ports when it comes to the weather forecast so it could end up being a small spring storm or one with heavy snow and major impacts. We will keep you updated as we get closer to the storm.

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The only good thing about a little bit of snow is that we could break the all-time snow record in Duluth! As of Monday, we were less than a half-inch from the all time record. That is all we need to make the winter season of 2022 to 2023 the snowiest ever. Why not go for the record when we are so close, right?

The National Weather Service of Duluth shared more information on Tuesday (April 18th), sharing more about precipitation, timing and type. With this system, we can expect everything from rain to freezing rain, which will make for dangerous travel. Snow and rain / snow mix are also likely. We will get a little bit of everything.

As for when we can expect the worst part of this spring storm, the National Weather Service of Duluth says the worst of it will come Thursday into Friday, as that is when we will see the most "significant precipitation" from this messy system.

The 15 Snowiest Winters On Record In Duluth History

Since the National Weather Service began keeping weather records in Duluth in the late 1800s, here are the 15 winters with the highest snowfall totals on historical record.

It is worth noting that the official records from 1941-today have been recorded at the area now known as the Duluth International Airport (away from the lake, on top of the hill). Before then, various locations closer to Lake Superior had been used for official weather recording data. For anyone that knows anything about how Lake Superior and the hill play a role in temperature and snow, you can see how this makes older records inherently different.

While these records note the "snowiest winters", they actually include all seasonal snowfall from July 1 through June 30 of the following year.

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