Some of us have run into the dilemma of dealing with an abandoned or injured wild animal.  I don't mean "wild" like a tiger or elephant, I mean a non-domesticated animal like a fox, fawn or a turkey vulture.  What do you do?  That's why Wildwoods Rehabilitation exists.  Come behind the scenes at Wildwoods and see some of the animals while you  learn more.

We used Wildwoods' services when a turkey vulture flew into our garage door and injured itself badly.  I was grateful that there was somewhere to bring "Vinny" (that's what we named him) that could nurse him back to health and get him up and soaring again.  Wait until you see the adorable fawn, badger and baby grey fox that was receiving care while I was there!!!  Maybe after you see what the volunteers do at Wildwoods you'll want to give some of your time and energy to this most worthy organization.

They are always in need of donations and they are items that will make you wonder what they use it for.  However, after seeing the video maybe you'll understand why they need towels, sheets, paper toweling, gloves, animal crates and baby playpens.  They've made it easy to donate via Amazon, you just shop, pay and the items will be shipped directly to Wildwoods on Arrowhead Road.

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