I am a self-proclaimed mammal lover and when it's a baby I melt even more.  There is a wonderful place that exists in our community that strives for the well being of our wild life, especially the babies.  Now that it's spring the will be seeing more and that has prompted Wildwoods Wildlife Rehabilitation to throw an most unique baby shower.

The cool part of this is that you can help from right where you sit via the internet.  I can tell you first hand that Wildwoods is a refuge for people who have encounters with animals from the wild.  What do you do when you have a turkey vulture (or other such animal or bird) injure themselves on your property.  That happened to us with a turkey vulture we lovingly named "Vinnie".  You can meet Vinnie and laugh at my daughter and husband trying to capture him in the video below.

While it's wonderful to have such a place in the Northland, they do rely on monetary donations and supplies.  When a business was offering a free bag of dog food if you brought an empty bag in I did it so I could get a free bag for Wildwoods, every little bit helps them with their mission to take care of animals from the wild. They've made the baby shower super easy too, you can just go to Amazon Baby Registry, choose what you'd like to donate for the baby shower, pay and have it shipped directly to Wildwoods.  No driving on your part and you know exactly what the money you spent was used for.  They need everything from food to toys to syringes, puppy pads and more.  There is something in everyone's donation range and they are extremely grateful.  Please be generous.


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