It's hard to believe that Carrie Underwood has now been in the biz for 10 years.  You have GOT to watch her American Idol audition.  You will see how far she has come, not only with looks and voice, but life.  One of her exciting aspects of winning the contest was that she was going to get to ride on an airplane!


You'll also learn some very personal information about Carrie that I'm sure she hopes everyone forgets.  That Simon is NOT afraid to ask anything!

Carrie "carried" on throughout the competition doing extremely well, not only with her singing, but becoming America's little sweetheart.  This was the moment they announced her title and the song she sang as her career was catapulted to utterly amazing proportions!

10 years and several hits later, Carrie is still America's sweetheart with a husband and baby Isaiah.  But, that hasn't stopped her from sharing her talents of singing.  Here is her latest hit, Little Toy Guns.

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