Solid Gold Saturday fans!  A treat from Johnny Cash!!!  A new video has just been released for a recently discovered recording "She Used To Love Me A Lot".  A new album will be coming out the end of this month titled "Out Among the Stars".  Can't wait!

The man in black, he wore black, he had jet black hair that accented his dramatic face and he is a country music icon.

The album "Out Among the Stars" that will be available on March 25 will contain music from the 1980's.

The film-maker, John Hillcoat, that made the video says:

The concept for the video for She Used To Love Me a Lot video was to broaden the track’s literal love song reading out so it could incorporate the story of modern day America, in which the dispossessed have been cast aside by the country that once looked after them.

Johnny Cash had many of his own hardships in the 80's and while many think these are lost songs, the truth is the record company he was with had put the album on the shelf shortly after it was recorded.

Here is the first video from the much anticipated album to hold you over until it's release on March 25.  Johnny Cash fans are excited to hear from "the man in black" again!

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