We had just settled down in our seats when Drew Baldridge took the stage.  I knew he was a new artist (his first CD just came out June 10) and totally expected to kick back and nap in the sun while he was performing.  Instead I was listening intently and noticing his "dance moves".  I'm a fan!

When I introduced myself to him I apologized for being so sweaty but it was 85+ at Country Fest with no shade and HE had gotten the chance to change shirts, lol.  I told him it sounded like he had a bit of a riff from a Prince song in his song "Dance With Ya", he grinned :)  He even threw in some signature Prince dance moves during his performance.  You'll dig this song, it'll get your toes tappin' if not full on standing up and dancing with him. It's definitely a happy feel good infectious song!   I hope he comes to the Twin Ports soon....so I can dance with him!


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