It's summer.  Time to initiate the 3 B's.  BBQ, beaches and BEER!  Since I host the Solid Gold Saturday Morning on B105, I thought I'd ask the burning question.  Who does Pop-A-Top better?  Jim Ed Brown or Alan Jackson?

While I've been a fan of Alan Jackson because he was he first concert I "worked at" when I started on B105 in 1996.  I can't help but appreciate the fun that Jim Ed Brown uses while performing his version, what do you think?

First a little history, the song was written and originally recorded by Nat Stuckey in 1966. But, was released by Jim Ed Brown in May 1967 as the third and final single from his album Just Jim and that was when it became a hit. Then, Alan Jackson brought the song back to life in 1999 album.

You be the judge.

Jim Ed Brown


Alan Jackson

My conclusion, they both have a "way" of making the song their own.  I think I'll pop another top and watch em' again, ya with me?

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