Boy I love a good Oktoberfest beer.   Most breweries make one, and they all are different.  Some get it right, and I have found the best one.  It's from Great Lakes Brewing in Ohio.

My wife and I recently went to 7 West Taphouse in Downtown Duluth.  We usually get a flight of beer to sample, and I tried a couple Oktoberfest beers.  One was Goose Island Oktoberfest, and the other was Great Lakes Oktoberfest.  Between the two I liked the Great Lakes much better.  And after I ordered a pint of the Great Lakes, I was trying to remember an Oktoberfest beer that I liked better, and I couldn't come up with it.

What makes it so good?  It's got a perfect blend of malts.  It's a great color.  You can taste the hops without being overwhelmed.  And it's drinkability- oh I could drink this all day.

Do yourself a favor this Oktoberfest season, and grab a six pack of Great Lakes Oktoberfest!

This Friday night you can sample over 40 craft beers on tap at Twin Ports on Tap.  Tickets are only $25!

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