They are back and this time around, they aren't playing.

The Pistol Annies - the critically-acclaimed country group made up of Miranda Lambert, Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley - dropped their third album Friday. It's called 'Interstate Gospel' and let's just say, they didn't hold back.

Let's be honest - they never do. They are known for telling their truth and not leaving anything out. The difference this time around is that they've all lived a lot of life since their last album came out - we are talking divorce, babies and solo albums. (Yes, that divorce.)

They cover all these topics on their latest release. I listened to it first thing this morning and a few of the songs made my jaw drop - literally. They meant it when they said they were writing their story their own way and telling their truth.

The whole album is amazing but there are a few songs that EVERYONE will be talking about (and dissecting word for word) for a long time. Find out which songs and why in the video below.

Listen to the album and let me know what you think! In the meantime, don't forget to catch the Pistol Annies performing on the CMA Awards this month. Only time will tell which tune they will be singing!

(By the way - when the trio released the track listing for Interstate Gospel I had a big theory about one of the songs. It turns out I was wrong. Oh well!)

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