Pistol Annies' new song "Stop Drop and Roll One" is a stoner's anthem. The new song from Interstate Gospel is about a night of hard living and the morning after.

Miranda Lambert, Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley each take a turn describing the flawed characters you may come across at a worn down bar or honky-tonk. There's a breadth of resignation in their voices as they sing about the rockers, prom queens, drifters and crazies.

"We're right on the brink / Burned out like prom queens / It's all mirrors and smoke rings / So stop, drop and roll one," Lambert sings to close the chorus.

"We’d just finished a song out at the farm, and Miranda said, 'Girls, we’re on fire I think ...,' and then she said, 'So stop, drop and roll one!'" Monroe shares about the song's origin. "Stop Drop and Roll One" is the fourth song Pistol Annies have revealed from Interstate Gospel, out Nov. 2.

Here's Everything We Know About the New Pistol Annies Album

After much teasing, Pistol Annies reunited to announce their third studio album last month, sharing that they'd also play three concerts In October and November. The first comes Oct. 25 in Nashville, with shows in New York City (Nov. 2) and Los Angeles (Nov. 7) coming prior to the Nov. 14 CMA Awards.

Thus far songs shared from Interstate Gospel have stayed true to the brutally honest, realist tone the trio of friends set with their first two albums. A song called "Got My Name Changed Back" stole the headlines early, as it's a song about changing your name back after a divorce.

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