Rumors and conspiracy theories have been swirling for YEARS over what caused Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert to suddenly divorce a few years back. It seems we may have an answer.

Early Wednesday morning, a story about Lambert started to make the internet rounds, alleging the reigning ACM Female Vocalist Of The Year is dating a married member of her opening band, The Turnpike Troubadours. (Reports say he filed for divorce back in February.)

A few hours after the story broke, Shelton took to Twitter with a very cryptic tweet about taking the high road and karma. Everyone went into a frenzy, as the tweet seems to be aimed at his ex-wife. Everything from the timing to the context seem to point that way.

He also retweeted a response to said tweet, where a fan said that this is "what the truth looks like."

To see exactly what the tweet said, watch the video above.

Both country stars have remained very tight-lipped about their divorce since it was announced and finalized in 2015. At the time they released a joint statement that said, "This is not the future we envisioned." They didn't elaborate.

The rumor mill went crazy accusing them of cheating on each other. They continued to remain quiet and neither pointed fingers at the other. Even their post-divorce tunes didn't give much insight into just what went wrong.

The two married in 2011. They were together for nearly a decade after meeting while filming a television special.

Disclaimer: I have to say, Miranda Lambert is my very favorite artist in the entire world. I am probably her biggest fan. I am not saying this is why they got divorced. I am simply just sitting along with everyone else wondering if there is a connection to Shelton's tweet or if he just has really bad timing.

What do you think of the story - is the truth finally coming out or is Shelton just misunderstood? I guess only time will tell.

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